We take out the fear, complexity and uncertainty of manufacturing in China and sourcing product from China.

Many businesses in the West that have thought about manufacturing in China aren't doing so because they don't have the procurement expertise, or the cost of getting started is too high.

With the assistance of Pan Pacific, many small to medium sized U.S. businesses are taking advantage of the opportunity to source their purchases from China or outsource manufacturing to China.

When an American company negotiates with an Asian vendor, it rarely gets a "Chinese price."

Pan Pacific’s China office uses their thorough knowledge of the local business culture to get the best pricing.

Partnering with Pan Pacific creates buying power to source the same general type of products with the same Chinese suppliers to get multi-client pricing discounts and favorable terms.

Pan Pacific has long established relationships with more than 13 factories in China. This makes it possible for us to match our clients' products with the most cost effective vendor.

Sourcing products in China is far more complicated than finding one or two factories to make product offshore. There’s more to cost than price.

Pan Pacific’s fully staffed office in the greater Shanghai area allows us a local presence and continuous relationship with manufacturing partners and local government officials. It also gives us “around the clock” coverage to handle all quality control and factory compliance issues, lab testing, logistics, and shipping concerns.

Pan pacific is sensitive to our customers security concerns. We are able to handle these concerns in different ways and tailor it to your specific situation. Many firms choose to produce their higher margin, patented and/or more sensitive components in house and outsource their less critical or non-technologically sensitive items.

Qualifying a factory is no easy task. It is one of the most critical building blocks in establishing a secure manufacturing partner in China. The staff of Pan Pacific brings 45 plus years of experience to the table in this regard. Qualifying sub-contractor factories for the likes of Yamaha, Sony, Tandy Corporation, Standard Abrasives, Kenwood and Mitsubishi, has provided us the expertise in comprehensive factory auditing procedures.

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