Pan Pacific prides itself on its time proven system of product development. We feel strongly that our methodical approach to product development and manufacturing process yields the best end result in the transition from sample to pre-production to mass production.

Customer/Factory Matching:
Pan Pacific has long established joint ventures and strategic relationships with more than 13 factories in Asia. Pan Pacific’s office in China also has the ability to locate and qualify additional factories that may be required to better meet the specific needs of your product. This makes it possible for us to match our clients' products with the most cost effective factory while still maintaining the quality standards you demand.

The first step to realizing your potential cost savings is simple; all we require is engineering drawings and/or samples to give you a quote.

Typically, the sample stage is where initial testing, quality, and form, fit and function will be established. This is especially true where tooling is involved. From here any discrepancies in the design may be revealed.

Once the samples are approved to our customer’s satisfaction, a representative quantity production run will be made to ferret out any production problems or discrepancies. This is the vital point in the process that moves the product from the sampling room, to the production floor where manufacturing employees are trained and educated, process control procedures implemented, inspection and testing criteria is downloaded, assembly jigs and fixtures are verified and confirmed for accuracy, and packaging systems are proven. From this process a quality reference standard is established. This reference standard is the mutually agreed QA unit that will be used as the quality standard for all future mass production. A reference standard will be kept on hand with our customer, Pan Pacific USA, Pan Pacific China, and the factory; this standard is used to evaluate all future mass production. Having a standard in these multiple locations serves to improve communications between all parties in case discrepancies arise.

Mass Production:
Upon agreement by all parties that the pre production process, product correctness, and quality have been met based upon the reference standard, product will be released to mass production. Strict adherence to product REV levels is maintained so our clients are assured they will receive the product they expect.

Quality Control:
To ensure quality product, Pan Pacific’s local office performs ongoing monitoring of all production work process, including, material specification verification, established inspection procedures and overall product quality. All products are inspected to insure quality compliance with the pre-production standards.

Pan Pacific’s logistics network will handle all aspects of shipping your product from the factory to your door. We can also arrange shipping using your specified vendors. If “just in time” delivery or warehousing and distribution are required, we have vendors that will provide this service.

Design Services:
We can help you take ideas from concept through production and packaging – utilizing the most cost efficient methods available.

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