Using our expertise in sourcing from China
to optimize success for US businesses

Pan Pacific Sourcing, Inc. is an American company that uses its joint ventures and strategic partnerships with Asian manufacturing facilities to assist domestic companies in product development with the emphasis on mass production in Asia. Pan Pacific possesses the engineering, project management and product development skills required for any job, big or small.

All companies should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Would cutting production costs 20-40% breathe new life into that marginal product line?
  • Is lack of plant space preventing an expansion into a new product line?
  • Is customer demand outstripping production capability?
  • Are increased costs of component parts threatening a major product line?
  • Is it becoming more difficult to staff that second or third shift?
  • Is production problem solving taking up too much management time?

Pan Pacific can build or increase your
competitive advantage through:

Cost Savings: 20% to 40% compared with your current North American and European costs.

Security: Pan Pacific has an established history and process for delivering quality products manufactured in Taiwan and Mainland China. One of our strongest points is that when you are dealing with Pan Pacific, you are working with an American company that stands behind the work that it does for its clients.

Expertise: Our investment in years of building relationships in China uniquely qualify us to select reputable Chinese manufacturers and suppliers, negotiate costs, control quality, and manage logistics.

Quality: Pan Pacific prides itself on its quality control systems. All product is inspected to insure it matches the quality standards set by the pre-approved, pre-production samples. For high tolerance jobs we can work with our client to design a special quality control system for that particular job.

Local Presence: Pan Pacific’s fully staffed office in the greater Shanghai area is one of the ways we set ourselves apart from the competition; it allows us 24/7 coverage of our manufacturing facilities for engineering support, quality control and coordination of transportation.

Capabilities: We have a broad range of capabilities including but not limited to mechanical assembly, plastic injection and blow molding, investment and die-casting, stamping, machining, electronics, printed circuit boards and electronic assembly.